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Creating your tree of memories

F ounded in 2016, Frame Roots started as an idea to capture people’s moments - creating a tree of memories. We believe, each moment in your life is precious but there are certain moments which create lasting memories.
With boundless passion and enthusiasm, we want to capture these memories for you in a way that has never been captured so that you can nurture them and create ever lasting memories.

F rom Wedding Photography, Fashion Photography to Product Photography, we do it all! Each aspect of our portfolio is carefully directed and curated. Each adventure is as important to us as our first one because we know how much it takes to build everlasting memories. We are here to weave these moments for you and create your eternal tree of memories. For today and forever.

Meet us. Start creating your memories.


the team

We Have An Excellent Team

Managing Director

Frame Roots just started as a small collaboration among friends. He, then, took up the task to manage it all - from operations to marketing. His keen interest in direction for photography and cinematography has him paddling deeper into the art and chemistry of photography.


Wearing multiple hats is what he does! An art director, a photographer – his dedication and passion for his job brings out the best in him.A true networker at heart, he brings the team closer to like-minded photographers - this helps you learn and experience newer, better things.The go-to guy for anything and everything technical at Frame Roots – he brings out the best skills in his team.An impeccable eye-for-detail, he believes, is what sets the Frame Roots team apart from everyone else in the industry.

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Fashion Photography


Commercial Photography


Wedding photography

Happy Clients

Happy Clients




what customers say

We Aim To Please

Shwetha Ananth
Shwetha Ananth

Frame Roots has a group of very talented photographers! Each one of them has a unique style and they create a balance to bring out the magic through their lenses! They are excellent at sneaking in and capturing those special moments that others don't notice..! I am any photographer's nightmare because I don't like posing for pictures. The events start getting to you and you just don't have the energy for pictures. Clisun,Reju,Nijeesh,Mijo and the extended team, you guys are fabulous. Thanks for persuading me to take pictures :) Jagger thanks for accommodating all our changing requirements. He is not just someone who helps coordinate with the team..but someone you make friends with and the process becomes fun all along. If you are on the fence to book a photographer for your wedding ... I suggest you contact these guys right away!! :)

Shwetha Ananth
Shruthi Anantharamaiah

A talented young group came together to create a magical experience! They instantly accommodate the location and completely utilize the natural props. Would love to work with them again

Shwetha Ananth
Ashitha Gowda

“In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality“ Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is! You the best Jager, Mijo awesome great team n absolutely mesmerizing photos. Shine on frame roots

Shwetha Ananth
Sourab Acharjee

These guys are absolutely amazing, and talented professionals. Their works speak for them, loved working with Jagger and Mijo. Just got done with the pre-wedding shoot, waiting to get clicked by them for wedding and reception. They are best. Love you guys.

Shwetha Ananth
Nancy George

Creative thinking, focused approach, committed team and quality work. To make your moments memorable. I recommend to all in my circle

Shwetha Ananth
Louis Issac

Many companies struggle to grab people's attention using their work, but Frame Roots does a great job of catching your eye as soon as they complete a project. Creative!

Shwetha Ananth
Ramya Krishna

They are amazing team to work with .. Very creative and best output of work. I love to work with them again n again

Shwetha Ananth
Deepti Mohan

Need I say more ?! These guys are the best in the business! I've got some of my finest pictures from frame roots! Much love! Keep slaying guys

Shwetha Ananth
Vinay Chandramouli

One of the best photographers in Bangalore. Loved the service.

Shwetha Ananth
Sujith Kannoly

A friendly team which considers our requirements and do the work in style.

Shwetha Ananth
Shivil AV

A nice company of their words. They deliver the work on time with the promised quality.

Shwetha Ananth
Shakeeb Bin Nalakath

An outstanding team which is trustworthy to give all of our precious moments to bring in to the frame.


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